Chinese Medicine FAQ


Does Acupuncture Work?

To put it simply: if you work, it works. Acupuncture invites the body to engage in healing processes through creating a temporary state of balance in the treatment sessions. A shift can be attained within a single treatment, though most of the time it takes a certain frequency of regular treatments to unfold into a lasting state of balance. Because of this, acupuncture requires a kind of self-dialogue, facilitated by the acupuncturist, that invites new ways of relating to life through the balance achieved in treatments.

In short, acupuncture can be an enjoyable and interesting way to find creative solutions to many health problems. These solutions can be transferred to everyday life through many venues to make a permanent solution, such as diet change, lifestyle change, perspective change, taking supplements and herbs, and many other resources.

Here is a nice article from Time magazine for those curious about scientific research on acupuncture.


Does it hurt?

At times, acupuncture can be very stimulating. Though at first it may seem slightly painful, once adjusted to, the sensations are very nuanced, and often even pleasurable and relieving. Other modalities, such as cupping sometimes also carry with them a good deal of sensation, which can sometimes be painful but are most often described as pleasurable and relieving.