Aubrey was first drawn to yoga nearly ten years ago for its physical expression and parallels with dance.  What started as a physical practice to complement an active lifestyle as a runner, dancer, and cyclist, yoga became a way of life for Aubrey in 2009 when she found that yoga was healing more than just her knee injury.  That fall, Aubrey participated in a 200-hour vinyasa teacher training.  Following her training,  her love for yoga brought her to India in 2010 where she also became a certified Reiki healer.  Since then, Aubrey’s passion for yoga has extended to many formats including yin and Bikram/hot.  She led 5 teacher trainings in Chicago before eventually making her way to San Francisco in the spring of 2013 to follow her career as a sommelier.  When she is not exploring the world of wine or making herself into a pretzel, Aubrey also enjoys a passion for language, the ocean, literature, and food.  Her classes are challenging yet approachable, as her love for words and movement come through in her teaching.