Aviva Melissa Frank is a certified Yoga Therapist, Sound Healer, Mediator and has trained (500 hr) with Purusha Yoga in San Francisco and Atmananda Yoga Sequence in Manhattan. She has taught all over the US and in Israel/Palestine. She infuses her workshops, classes and one-on-ones with asana (poses), pranyama (breath-work), guided and silent meditation. Her style is rooted in Vinyasa and she uses her dance background to bring an energetic flow to her classes. She also incorporates in the wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine, the Chakra system and mindfulness. Aviva is a current student in the Embodied Mind yoga teacher training being held this Spring at Zazen. The training brings mindfulness to each pose and quiets the mind through the active-stillness and holding in each pose. Mindfulness in the energetic transitions between poses is a metaphor for our life transitions. Aviva has created an initiative called Downward Dogs for Peace, a six-time program that helps one achieve their goals and bring more peace to their lives.