Dispatches from the Float Ambassadors

Brittany B. , Zazen Float Ambassador, President & Co-Founder of Ritual Hot Yoga

"Six months ago I floated for the very first time. At this point in my life I was practicing yoga and meditation almost daily and was teaching anywhere from 10-12 yoga classes a week. One day after class a student of mine mentioned that they had been wanting to try floating and asked if I knew anything about it. At the time I had heard a bit about it, but had never actually tried it for myself. 

This conversation peaked my curiosity and I decided to do a bit of my own research on floating shortly after. Turns out there is a lot of research and literature around the topic and I became fascinated by what I believed could be the next wave of meditation. Interestingly enough my business partner and best friend beat me to the tank and came back raving about his experience with a gift certificate in hand for me to sign up for my very first float. 

Within the week I booked my first float. When you float, you are submerged in a pool of water filled with pounds of epsom salts that make your body feel weightless. As a result your body floats just above water. The water is warm, 93-95 degrees, and the tank is pitch black. You can’t hear, you can’t see, and there really is nothing to smell. With almost all of your senses deprived you have no choice but to concentrate on you and that is where the magic really begins. 

Within a few minutes of floating I became very aware of what the things that were racing in my mind. I could hear the way I talked to myself. The way my thoughts flowed rapidly from one topic to the next. My mind felt messy and busy. It was no wonder in my life outside of the tank I often felt stressed and overwhelmed. 

After 30 minutes inside of the tank I felt as if 3 days had gone by. I was very ready for this experience to be over and to distract myself again from all that was swirling around in my mind. It was right around this time that I noticed my mind softened and a sense of ease started to takeover my entire body. My mind didn’t feel so crazy and my body felt relaxed. “Is this what peace feels like?” I thought. I let go. I felt held. I felt calm. I felt connected. I felt like me. Oh how I had missed me. "