Dispatches from the Float Ambassadors: Jane Chen


Jane Chen, co-founder and CEO of Embrace

Why I float:

Floating is amazing because it really helps to put my mind at ease and bring me stillness, in a way that even meditation cannot at times. My deepest periods of being in a meditative state have been during my floats. I have found that during my most stressful moments, only floating helps to completely clear my mind and bring it to state of thinking about nothing, which is quite remarkable. I highly recommend it for anyone who has never done it, and has found that is has helped to deepen my meditation practice. For those new to meditation or who want to try it, floating is a great way to to know the desired state you want to achieve.

Lessons from floating:

I am generally very claustrophobic and have horrible night vision, so being in the float tank has always been a little scary for me. I usually leave the door ajar just a little bit to let some light in. A few months ago, while I was floating, the door closed completely without my realizing it. Because I was a bit disoriented and my body had shifted position a bit, it was unclear to me which way the exit was. I started to panic: what if I was locked in the float chamber? In my state of panic, I started to tell myself to calm down, which was only serving to make me even more panicked. I finally said to myself instead, "it's ok to be scared." By accepting the fear, rather than judging myself for it, or forcing myself to feel any differently than I did in that moment, I was finally able to calm down. I found my way to the exit and pushed the door open, relieved to see the light flooding into the chamber. While this is certainly not the point of floating, I think it was a good reminder of mindfulness, which to me, is being aware and accepting how you are feeling in each moment, and treating these feelings with peace and equanimity - rather than casting judgement or trying to force them to be any different than what they are.