Interview with Zazen Yoga Teacher Lucia Grace Young

What brought you to yoga?

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to body movement and the healing arts. I have been dancing since birth, basically, and practicing yoga for over ten years. I really landed on my yogic path in 2013 in a moment of grief, questioning, and life transition. I found that when I stepped onto my mat, I experienced a kind of deep awareness, relief, and healing that I had rarely touched into before. The routine of my morning practice felt like a sanctuary within myself. Over the years since then I have discovered profound healing and radical self-transformation by tuning into the wisdom of my own body heart and soul. I am passionate about sharing this practice with others and cultivating space for them to embark on their own healing paths. 


Describe some impactful experiences on your yogic path:

Some of the most impactful experiences I've had on my yogic path have been during retreats that I've been on and then co-taught on the Big Island of Hawaii. When I'm in my practice and in Hawaii, I've learned that my powers of manifestation are extra charged up by the energy of the island - I truly feel like my best self and my creativity gets totally unleashed! Another deeply impactful experience on my yogic path has been my Yoga Therapy group work with veterans through the Purusha Seva Project. During these 8 week programs I've seen amazing transformation in these wonderful people toward states of deeper self-knowing, relief, and inner peace. I feel gratitude for the opportunity to work with each of them. 


How has your yoga practice affected your life?:

I continue to be drawn deeper into the practice of yoga not only for the physical benefits of asana, but for the yoga that happens off the mat. Integrating the yogic principles of truth, compassion, mindfulness and acceptance into my life has been transformative. One of the most impactful things I've learned through my studies of yoga is that what you give energy to in your mind, what you feed with your attention and thoughts, is what you manifest in your life. have the power to manifest anything you want through positive, heart-full thinking and imagination! 


Describe your classes and what you share at Zazen

My Vin/Yin classes at Zazen are somatic in nature, infused with energizing chakra practices, guided visualizations, and conscious breathwork as we flow between the styles of Vinyasa and Yin. Depending on the energy and vibe of the day, I may steer the class more into vigorous Vinyasa, or take a more mellow approach with a deep Yin practice with a gentle flowing warmup. My goal is to create a safe and inspirational space in which students can let go and discover their deepest truths as they move, play, and heal. I feel passionately about embodying and integrating self-love, authenticity, empowerment, and support into my teaching, and sharing this with students.

Lucia teaches Vin/Yin on Fridays, 4:30-5:45 at Zazen