The Irritable Season

On the tail end of this sunny spring season, have you noticed more edgy people on the road, at work, or in your day-to-day social interactions?  This is a part of the natural seasonal cycle according to the Chinese medical Five Element Theory.  The spring season is controlled by the wood element.  The wood element, like a tree sprouting from a seed, jaggedly bursts outward from its winter constriction.  It makes sense that the emotion of the wood element is anger.  

During the spring season, we are more prone to wood element imbalances, like road rage and stress.  These imbalances can be quite significant in our society because of the cultural acceptance of obscene amounts of stress as a necessary burden for survival. We can start to see a variety of physical symptoms, as well. If not properly treated, these wood imbalances can become difficult to manage chronic illnesses.  Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon pathway for many people these days.

Have you been feeling less tolerant of those around you this season?  Are you feeling more likely to flip off your fellow drivers on the road?  These are clues that you are experiencing a wood imbalance.  It's important to make time for self-care when you notice these feelings arising.  

The good news is that there are a variety of ways to take care of yourself to keep your stress levels in check.  A daily meditation practice is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to manage everyday stressors.  Chinese medicine is also incredibly supportive for keeping that wood element from throwing your nervous system out of whack.  The deep relaxation induced by acupuncture and the nourishing support of Chinese herbal medicine will help to calm the wood element and keep it from growing out of control.  If we want to fully experience the fiery joy of the approaching summer season, maintenance for our wood element right now is key.  

Zazen is currently offering a full schedule of private acupuncture sessions and daily community acupuncture, as well as daily community meditations.

Yours in health,

Charity Burgess, L.Ac. 

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