Interview with Yoga Teacher Allie Klun

What brought you to yoga?

Yoga came into my life 11 years ago when I was looking for a new fitness routine. I was an athlete when I was younger and I was looking for a new way to work out that would be supportive for injuries I had acquired over the years. Little did I know that yoga was so much more than the exercises and poses. The fitness aspect brought me to yoga and the mental awareness and life lessons are what have kept me growing and learning on the path.

Describe some impactful experiences in your yogic path.
My most impactful yogic experience was probably my teacher training. I trained in an intensive program in Bali with some amazing teachers, spiritual leaders, and students from all over the world. Spending time in such a serene and natural setting helped me to see and experience the full beauty of the practice, and it is something I feel and embody with each session I teach and attend.

How has your yoga practice affected your life?
Yoga has been a truly transformative part of my life. It has been an all inclusive outlet for movement, mental shifts, and creativity. It is the constant in a busy world and busy life, and it keeps me grounded. Yoga has been a key reminder of what is important in my life, and it is something I truly believe has the ability to help all who practice.

Describe your classes and what your share at Zazen.
I teach a Friday morning Hatha Flow class that focuses on breath, alignment, and moderately paced movement and flow. My classes and workshops incorporate meditation and mindfulness techniques that are designed to be carried into your everyday life. I understand that many of us lead busy lives and active lifestyles, and my intention is to share ways that we can bring awareness and mindfulness into our day to day in a sustainable and supportive way.