My journey into the healing arts began with Hatha Yoga and meditation, and these remain a strong influence in my bodywork practice.  In a session, I typically blend both Eastern and Western massage modalities; incorporating the holistic approach of Shiatsu with the specificity of Deep Tissue techniques, and including passive joint movement, rhythmic pressure, gentle stretching, and energy work.  One of my specialities is Thai Yoga Massage; a moving meditation practice which has its roots in the Buddhist monasteries of Thailand.  I strive to carry this tradition of meditative massage into every session, with the intention that it will encourage the nervous system to release its fight or flight reflexes and inspire a state of serenity, in which your body will allow its constricted areas to be softened with ease. The beneficial effects of your massage can be prolonged with my recommendations for self-care, often involving customized yoga poses for postural alignment and support.