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Darin Jay Lehman (E-RYT 200) has always been a soul-surfer.  Not looking for the best answers, looking for the best questions to bring meaning, happiness and fullness into life. A surfer, artist, musician, avid outdoors-man and occasionally a bohemian world traveler, Darin needed to find a grounding practice to complement the fluidity in his life, to help him find balance.  Darin often reflects on how as a child he was intrigued by the practices of meditation and mindful movement.  

When Darin was first introduced to yoga it was on a beach before a surf session.  “I practiced “Surya Namaskara A” every time before I hit the water to surf, it calmed me down, help loosen me up and set my breath in motion, it became my mantra.”   

Darin is currently training under the close tutelage of the School Yoga Institute (SYI) led by Guru Vedantin Ping Luo Phd.  Darin has recently begun assisting with the SYI teacher training programs.  He is also studying at the Brahmananda Yoga Society of San Francisco as well as taking workshops and participating in yogic conferences around the nation.

Darin is currently enrolled in a 4 year Qigong Masters Teacher Training with internationally recognized author and Qigong Master Kenneth Cohen.   

Darin has over 1000 hours of teaching experience, leading Hatha flow, Vinyasa flow, Restorative, Pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation for beginners and “Yoga for Surfer’s” classes.  He teaches at retreats, Music Festivals, for private clients, and at Zazen Yoga Studios in SF.  His meditation classes and personal philosophies are a blend of Yogic, Shamanic, Kabbalistic/Judaic, and Zen Buddhist (Suzuki Roshi) traditions.

Darin loves to use his breath-work knowledge and life experiences to engage and compel his classes, to allow students to deepen their own practices at their own pace and push themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.