My work is a system expression of many years of formal training and informal life experiences. Each session is a unique one, blossoming in the moment for both myself and the receiver. Part of that creativity and discovery is what keeps this interesting for me after all these years.

The human body is a complex, and because of this, there are several bodywork lenses through which I view it -- mainly Shiatsu, Medical Qi Gong, and Carniosacral. These modalities enrich each other and express a vast range of pressure and movements that can cater to different individuals.

I have been certified to teach Ashiatsu from Edward Spencer after completing an intimate 3-year long apprenticeship. Then I began teaching shiatsu workshops at Five Branches University while also studying acupuncture and chinese medicine. I graduated from the Acupressure Institute in 2010 after studying with Michael Gach, Kathy Kapps, Kathleen Davis, Janet Oliver and many others.  Soon after I passed a major national exam to become a NCCAOM diplomat of Asian Bodywork Therapies. I have also been certified as a Level 2 Te Yi Medical Qigong practitioner from Sifu Liping Zhu and am completing Level 3 this year. Currently I am enrolled in the Institute of Chinese Herbology in the Advanced Herbalist Training.

Styles: Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cranial Sacral, Medical Qi Gong