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Emily is a yoga instructor, holistic life coach, and forever student of yoga. She teaches to create a moving meditation with physical postures and breath, and believes that yoga invites self inquiry, awareness, focus, and ultimately transformation. Syncing postures with breath in flow yoga syncs us to our vital life force, to our spirit, spaciousness, and our own empowerment. As a life coach, Emily aims to weave “living” yoga from the mat and into daily life, and she is passionate about helping her students and clients come home to their true self and create a life of inspired action.


Emily completed her 200h YTT with Malachi Melville from Yogaworks. She is currently in progress with her 300h Lahari YTT with Coby Kozlowski from Kripalu, and has studied in depth with Stacie Overby for yoga mentorship in San Francisco. Beyond her mat, you can find Emily exploring outdoors {most likely by the ocean} or designing flower arrangements!  Check out her website at emilyposselius.com to learn more.