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Advancing Asana Series: Opening the Hips w/ Sandy Lamerson

  • Zazen 2219 Filbert San Francisco, CA (map)

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Advancing Asana Series: In Hatha yoga the body and breath are used as a gateway to spirit. Asana, the third limb of yoga, not only keeps the body healthy, but with sustained practiced prepares the practitioner for meditation and union with the True Self. In this series of seven workshops, students will deepen their understanding and practice of asana with emphasis on safe alignment, breath and yogic energetic principles. Each session will move through a focused flow to open the body and prepare students to work skillfully and compassionately at their edge. Sessions will end with meditation and deep relaxation.

These workshops are appropriate for students who have a foundation in asana practice.

Students may register for specific sessions or the entire series (recommended).
Suggested donation: $15-$30/ per session
Sundays 1:30 - 4 pm
5/11 Opening the hips

The pelvis is the basin which holds the base of the spine, our vital organs and, energetically, the three lower chakras and mulabandha (the root lock), while the hip joint connects the trunk with the lower extremities. This area is a central fulcrum of movement in asana practice and due to our modern way of life, often tight and in need of attention.

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will delve into an exploration of movement and alignment of the pelvis and hips in asana practice. By releasing and opening the muscles and connective tissues of the hips we will explore themes of letting go, releasing emotional and physic holdings and cultivating a sense of grounding, vitality and healing. Come prepared for a vigorous, devout surrendering -  a journey through the body to the inner sanctum of our being. 

Please come on an empty stomach, eat a heavier meal four hours prior or a light snack at least an hour prior.

6/8 Opening the shoulders
7/13 Deepening twists and cleansing the physical and energetic body
8/17 Strength in arm balances
9/14 Inversions
10/12 Safely deepening back bending