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Diet & Lifestyle of a Yogi: Ayurvedic Diet w/ Kate S

  • Zazen 2219 Filbert San Franisco (map)

You're going to yoga class regularly and loving it, and you're ready to see how the rest of your life can support your yoga practice. Dinacharya, the daily routine recommended in Ayurveda, provides a simple framework to bolster your circulation, balance your metabolism & hormones, and stabilize the mind: all things that will help your yoga practice by leaps & bounds! 

In this workshop with Ayurvedic Consultant & Yoga Teacher Kate Schwabacher, you'll learn the steps of dinacharya, how to make them work for your schedule, and ways to make them fun & easy. You'll also receive a short introduction to the doshas, the Ayurvedic psycho-physiological humors, and how they influence us throughout the day and year.
$35-40 includes 3-7 day cleanse protocol, asana practice + lecture
*free for students enrolled in Foundations Series