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Pranayama for the Urban Yogi w/ Author Darren Main

  • Zazen 2219 Filbert San francisco (map)

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In this series of discussions with teacher and author Darren Main we will explore the living practice of yoga. By drawing on the wisdom and texts of ancient India, we will reflect on ways in which a modern yogi can living more mindfully in every aspect of life.

Each session begins with a group meditation followed by a talk given by Darren. While the topics vary, the principles are timeless and presented with gentle humor and a modern twist that is more user-friendly for yogis living busy urban lives.

Pranic Breathing: Advanced Breathwork for the Modern Yogi
Most forms of hatha yoga emphasize the third limb of yoga, Asana (yoga poses) and only the most basic yogic breathing techniques are employed. Pranayama, the fourth limb of yoga, is the practice of regulating the breath in order to affect deep physical and psychological changes. Thus, by working more consciously with the breath, yoga students can take their practice to the next level.
During this workshop, we will learn ancient breathing technique know in our modern culture as Pranic Breathing. In the context of a safe and supported environment, this simple yet powerful technique invites us to release mental, emotional blocks and to reconnect with the foundation of any yoga practice—the breath. As you practice this yogic breathing technique, you will have access to very deep levels of the mind and energy body allowing for the release of blockages that restrict the flow of prana (life energy) causing disease and imbalance on every level of our being.

Darren Main leads this insightful series of workshops on yogic lifestyles for the modern yogi.

Member: $15
Advanced Registration: $20
Day of workshop: $25


May 4th, 2014

August 10th, 2014

November 9th, 2014