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Living Mindfully: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life

Being Fierce About Loving Yourself: Mindfulness Tools for Women

Saturday October 11, 1 - 3:00pm

With Jodie Stein

Presented in collaboration with ZaZen and the Steiner Therapy Group.

$40 members, $60 non-members. Register online

Part of you knows something has to change; you can see that the relationship isnt good for you anymore. But as soon as you try to do something, difficult thoughts and feelings come up that pull you to stay put. These feelings can be so overwhelming that youll do just about anything to make them stop. Or you get caught in a constant inner dialogue arguing each side and end up confused about which thoughts to trust. Before you know it youre stuck. And as if that isnt hard enough, then you blame yourself for not being strong and just making a change!

As women, were vulnerable to this pattern. Our personal histories, reinforced by cultural norms, often make it challenging for us to stay attuned to our inner voice in the face of anothers conflicting needs. In this workshop well practice mindfulness tools that will help you begin to develop fierce self love; the key to healing the core of this exhausting pattern. Any woman who identifies with this pattern is welcome to join us, whether the relationship is with a partner, boss, friend, or family member.

About Jodie Stein

Jodie Stein, MFT, is a San Francisco based therapist helping women in transition to be fierce about loving themselves. She offers a relational, body-centered, and mindfulness based approach to psychotherapy. She facilitates a support group for women in the separation/divorce process and is currently planning The Love Yourself Project, a workshop for women recovering from a break-up who are looking to develop tools for inner resilience, grow community, and make an impact in the world.