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Living Mindfully: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life

  • 2219 Filbert Street (map)

The Spontaneous, Natural, Creative Play of Mindfulness: Reclaiming the Sacred Art from Scientific Reductions

Saturday October 25, 1 - 3:00pm

$40 members, $60 non-members. Register Online. 

With Travis Ben Robinson 

Presented in collaboration with ZaZen and the Steiner Therapy Group

Despite being all the rage in modern neuroscience, corporate culture, and various forms of cognitive therapy, the practice of mindfulness is an ancient art. It is a natural discovery. It is intuitive, simple, and profound. When realized fully it can illuminate the vast and efflorescent potential of the mind, of consciousness. Mindfulness is not mind control. We cannot ultimately control the ocean of the consciousness. We can, however learn to profoundly honor its currents, know its flow, dance with it, more greatly appreciate its capacity.

This workshop is an invitation into the fields of natural open awareness, an inquiry into the beautiful, spontaneous, wise and liberated qualities of the mind.

About Travis Ben Robinson

Travis Ben Robinson is a mindfulness based psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco. He spent over a decade in residence at a Tibetan Buddhist meditation center. There he had the good fortune of completing over three years of solitary meditation retreat. He is currently working on several projects which integrate awareness based practices into psychotherapy.