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Living Mindfully: A Practical Guide to Everyday Life.

  • 2219 Filbert Street (map)

How to Transform Conflict into Closeness and Enjoy Mindful Relationships

Saturday November 8, 1 - 3:00 p.m.

$40 members, $60 non-members. Register online.

With Daniela Koenig, M.A.

Presented in Collaboration with ZaZen and the Steiner Therapy Group

We want to be close to our partner and loved ones; however, relationship can often bring out the most destructive patterns in us. In a fight we find ourselves on the defensive or offensive sometimes saying things we regret the moment weve uttered the words. Its easy to get triggered, blame the other, and get caught up in what the other has said and done. We become reactive even though we dont mean to.  We feel stuck and get deeper into our challenging patterns – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you are single or in a romantic relationship, in this workshop we will look at how mindfulness can assist us in paying attention to our present moment experiences, even in the heat of conflict. Becoming aware of our own feelings, thoughts and stories will help us catch our reactivity and have more capacity to communicate honestly and compassionately, transforming conflict into closeness. This workshop is open to individuals and couples.

About Daniela Koenig

Daniela Koenig, MA, is a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern in San Francisco. She is passionate about supporting people to live the fulfilled life they want and savor authentic relationships. She integrates experiential psychotherapy and mindfulness into her work with clients. She has taught workshops on conscious relationship and worked with individuals and couples, supporting them in transforming their old relationship patterns into conscious loving partnerships.