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Shinjin - Essential unity of heart, mind, and body

With Vimala Devi

$60 (members), $80 (non-members)

private sessions also available (please inquire)  

Through an integration of meditative and movement practices with the subtle hands-on work of the Alexander technique we can awaken to Shinjin - essential unity of heart, mind, and body. 

When we enter the space of letting go and enter into an open state of non-doing in our Zazen (meditation) or Yogic movement practices, we begin the process of re-synchronizing, re-integrating and re-energizing the pscho-physical nature.  Without refusal or judgement of what is we begin to soften into being present.

This basic principle of effortless effort, of spaciousness and calmness and energetic deepening, allows us to awaken into our fully human and embodied being.

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About Vimala Devi

Vimala Devi is an Advanced Certified Integral Yoga (R) 500 Hour RYT teacher and a professional dancer and choreographer. She holds an M.A. in Dance and Psychology from the University of Oregon. She has been teaching the Alexander technique, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong, and dance as well as yoga for decades. She is an ordained Zen Buddhist priestess in the lineage of Maezumi Roshi and the White Plum Asanga. She interweaves dance and yoga with spiritual practice as a movement meditation. In Austin, Texas she directs her own Alexander Technique Center (where she offers a 3 year internationally certified AT Teacher training program and is Artistic director of her own dance company. In 2011 she participated in the Solo Performance Commissioning Project conducted by Deborah Hay, a world-renowned modern dance choreographer. Since then Vimala Devi has been performing this solo I THINK NOT in Texas and California. She is certified to train people to be Level I Integral Yoga Hatha teachers.