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Jivana Yoga Workshop

With Kristin Laak

$50-$70 per day (sliding scale) (no one turned away for lack of funds) Register online

The Sanskrit word “Jivana” relates to the concept of “life” whereas the word “Yoga” relates to the experience of “union”. Life should lead us to the wonderful experience of “inner happiness” that is available naturally to all human beings. This experience unfolds as the mind begins to reflect on the “self” or soul and is fully experienced when the “self” merges or becomes one with its source – the Eternal Truth.
Jivana Yoga relates to an “ideal lifestyle” that supports and leads a practitioner to this blissful experience of Yoga as well as external prosperity. Implied in the combination of these two words is the understanding that by being involved in all aspects of life, one is able to personally experience this blissful state and one does not need to renounce a “worldly” life. Indeed, in ancient times in certain parts of the world, lifestyle fully supported the natural and rhythmic experience of Yoga.
Jivana Yoga therefore focuses and elaborates on the mechanisms at work in an ideal lifestyle which support us daily in all aspects of life.
How can the ancient teachings of India address the many personal challenges we face in our everyday lives? How can one create a meaningful life that is aligned with this time tested wisdom? What are the benefits one can gain from a deep inquiry into Yoga and other related Indian arts and sciences?
Combining both modern and ancestral teachings, Jivana Yoga offers a unique approach in answering such questions. This workshop will focused on the true nature of mind and body, through Yoga theory, as well as the practices of asana, pranayama and meditation. Open to all levels.

Kristin Laak has been teaching since 1987, leading teacher trainings and workshops internationally. She been studing with her teacher Dr. K.L. Shankaranarayana Jois since 1994, various wings of yogic arts and sciences including; philosophy, Sanskrit, Ayurveda and the impact of lifestyle choices within a yogic context. Through years of devoted personal practice, she brings joy, the spaciousness of receptivity, and deep internal inspiration to her teaching.

Later Event: March 29
Jivana Yoga Workshop