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Living Peace, Living Love, Living Now

6.30 – 8:30pm Saturday

Donation at the event  /  Register Online

Like more Peace in your relationships? In your life?

Come sit with one of the leading Master Sufi teachers, & international peace makers of our time, Dr John Davies, as he shares from his 35 years of experience working in over 30 countries, empowering people to create peace in their lives, communities and the world.

Sufism is simply the way of Love. No matter what your religion – Buddhist? Christian? Jewish? Other? – You can still have the heart of a Sufi. Sufi practices support you in opening your heart to the possibilities of life changing, unconditionally loving relationships, & the Divine within. Come treat yourself to a taste of the Love.

Evening will include fireside chat, Q&A, & experiential exercises.

Dr. John AQ Davies serves on the faculties of the University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism, & the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; as Co-Director of Partners in Peacebuilding for the Center for International Development & Conflict Management, University of Maryland; & as Director of the Living Peace Program at the Farm of Peace Sufi Center East. As a life-long peacemaker, & teacher in the Sufi way, he integrates professional & spiritual insights into his transformative work in mediation & reconciliation. He has helped thousands from all faiths move through difficult times to renewed love, peace, & freedom. Having led peace initiatives in over 30 countries, he now devotes his energy towards creating peace at home & peace within, a much overlooked foundation for a peaceful world.