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Sanskrit Meditation with Shanta Bulkin

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Our tradition is to use the Sanskrit language as a tool for meditation. We will chant Sanskrit verses, hymns and mantras to tune in to the vibration of energy inherent within all of us. Sanskrit has a cosmic relationship with this energy. The name of the Sanskrit language (known as devanāgarī – the city of the gods) speaks volumes. In our describing the language we commonly refer to Sanskrit as 'the washing machine of the mind,' 'the science of vibration,' 'transformational' and more. Sanskrit has the power to take the meditator beyond the mind, to a place of pure vibration. A place where no words exist but only the infinite vibration of energy that is your inherent birth right – a place where all the answers exist. Whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practioner, Sanskrit when chanted, can help take you further and further to a divine place.

Shanta Bulkin-Shanta met the late Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati (formerly know is Dr. Rammurti S. Mishra) in 1972. Shanta has been leading Sanskrit and Meditation classes for the past 25 years.