Opening to This Moment Free Online Talk

Our friends at San Francisco Zen Center are pleased to invite you to spend an hour with Dharma teacher Do-On Robert Thomas, who will share with you the three essential practices for awakening to your Buddha-nature within the circumstances of your life right NOW.

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In the one hour talk on Thursday, April 2 at 5:30 pm Pacific / 8:30 pm Eastern you will learn how to apply these three essential practices to your daily life:    

Starting Where You Are––You’ll see how the current circumstances of your life are the perfect conditions for you to experience your Buddha-nature.

Sensing With the Body––You’ll directly experience how to use awareness of your body to settle yourself and develop the confidence to embrace the moment-to-moment flow of your life.

Receiving the Present Moment––You'll deepen your understanding of receiving each moment and recognizing your original wakefulness.

Please join in this exciting event for a remarkable, one-hour look into Zen Buddhism’s radically different approach to being in your life. You can preregister for this free event here:

Thank you for supporting us and our friends at San Francisco Zen Center.