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Footsteps on the Path – Tracing the origins of Yoga

  • ZaZen 2219 Filbert St San Francisco, CA, 94123 United States (map)

Footsteps on the Path – Tracing the Origins of Yoga

With Gideon and Ana Enz         $35 Members  /  $50 Visitors   /  Register Online

Did you know that Hatha Yoga and Kung-fu share a common ancestry, that Zen and the Yoga Sutras are related, that Tibetan Buddhism has its roots in Tantra? If you do practice - and especially if you teach - any of these Asian methods, it is crucial that you understand their origins and developments. Otherwise it is impossible to effectively translate these ancient methods into our modern world, to know when to adapt them and when to stick with tradition.

Our Footsteps on the Path workshop gives you living context, illuminating the network of deliberate personal evolution that is the Great Tradition behind all the yogas of Asia. Whatever your level of experience or exposure to Oriental disciplines, when you finish Footsteps on the Path, you will have a deeper understanding of your practice lineages and how they relate, the knowledge to identify the actual practices from the narratives, and an opening to a level of your practice that you did not know existed.

Note: This mini-workshop is an introduction to the full Footsteps on the Path series that will be offered later this year.