What can bodywork help with?

Depending on the style and practitioner, bodywork can help with simple relaxation, to treating deep physical-emotional holding patterns, to helping to treat physical injuries and chronic pain. By helping clients to feel into and re-relate to their bodies, bodywork facilitates a fresh experience of being in a body. This freshness is what inspires us deeply to offer this as an integral part of the Zazen community.

How frequently should I receive bodywork?

The nature of the reasons for seeking bodywork will often determine the frequency. To treat chronic issues, we recommend a minimum of every two weeks. For general well-being, once per month is often sufficient for many people. To complement a workout routine, sometimes even weekly is appropriate in order to achieve maximum body flexibility, stamina, and strength. We recommend having a conversation with your bodyworker to explore this question further.

How is Zazen unique in its offerings?

Aside from providing a range of different personalities and practices, we offer ourselves as a deeply connected community of individuals. For us, bodywork is a lifestyle and not just a job. That depth of awareness that we cultivate together in our community speaks through our fingertips in our bodywork sessions. 

What should I expect in my first massage?

We recommend you come in whatever state allows for a nice level of relaxation before your massage in order to best receive the work. Often times this will be in tandem with avoiding caffeine or stimulating beverages, and with having freshly bathed or showered. To be able to receive massage means allowing for a level of trust of the bodyworker's experience, training, and intuition.