Frequently Asked Float Questions


Do I need to prepare myself for floating?

Not really — however, avoiding caffeine and alcohol for a day before you float might help you relax and have a better experience. You want to avoid shaving right before floating. It’s best not to eat a heavy meal before you float, but a small snack 30-60 minutes prior is a good idea. If you wear contact lenses you may want to remove them as it might be a problem if salt water gets into your eyes. We do supply a contact case and solution to use while you are in the tank if you want to remove them and have forgotten your own.

Do I need to bring anything?

We supply you with everything that you need including shampoo, conditioner, soap, body lotion, ear plugs and towels for the shower before and after your float. Occasionally people will bring a bathing suit, but most people prefer to float nude. The space is entirely private.

What do I do while I float?

You don’t have to “do” anything. Floating is usually a passive experience, so the less you “do” the deeper you will relax. Usually within ten to twenty minutes you are on the edge of sleep, in a dreamy but conscious state where time doesn’t seem to exist. Most people just lay back and enjoy just letting go and flowing with wherever the experience takes them. However, if you want you can use your time to “actively” direct the experience in the tank.

What type of float chambers does Zazen have?

Zazen proudly offers two Float Lab float chambers. Based on experience with other tanks, and considerable research, we determined that the Float Lab float chamber is by far the best float environment available in the United States. Float Lab chambers achieve unparalleled sanitation standards. The extra large space and the sound/light insulation make for a truly unique float experience. 

Is floating safe? Is it sanitary?

Our Float Lab float chambers are extremely sanitary, complying with the highest industry standards. The chambers are kept sanitary in multiple ways. First, the Epsom salt (1500 lbs dissolved!) has its own natural bacterial killing qualities. Next, all the water is filtered through a two tier pool filtration system between each client. During this process, all the water passes through a UV light and ozone is injected into the chambers after each float. Ozone act as a powerful sanitizer that destroys most of the bacteria and viruses present in spa water. At the end of each night we pour a highly diluted Hydrogen Peroxide solution into each tank. Lastly, clients are asked to shower before and after each float session to ensure the cleanliness of the tank. We have never heard of people becoming sick from others by using the tanks.

Can anyone float?

Yes, anyone can float. However, if you have a medical condition, we recommend that you talk with your doctor prior to floating. Women who are in the third trimester of pregnancy should also consult their doctor.

Do pregnant women float?

Yes, especially during the first two trimesters. People in the third trimester may experience some discomfort associated with lying on their back for an extended period of time. Please check with your doctor or midwife before floating.

Can I use the float spa while menstruating?

Yes, if your menses is not heavy and you use a tampon.

Is there anyone who should not float?

We don’t recommend floating for epileptics not medically controlled, for people intoxicated with drugs or alcohol or for those with infectious diseases.

Will I feel claustrophobic?

Some people have fears before they float the first time. Common fears are based upon the thought that you won’t be in control of your experience. We’ve found that once people realize they have complete control of the floating environment, any fears and anxieties go away. Your float session is in a spacious room, not in the commonly used “float tank”. The door can be opened at anytime and you can always sit up in the shallow water.