Office Hours: Sundays 3-6pm

Frank is a Stress Consultant, currently working at the junction between mind and body. His work is focused on helping people grow their awareness of how burn out, overwhelm and stress play a negative role in their life. By inviting new practices in and accompanying his clients along the journey, Frank works as supportive guide along the path towards inner stillness.

In a previous incarnation Frank worked in International Trade & Business Development, supporting the British Government in its mission to help grow trade between the US the UK. Frank spent a good portion of his professional career in a high paced, stress prone environment, supporting government trade missions and ministerial visits of all levels. This experience left him with a keen awareness of how difficult it can be to live in these states as an everyday baseline.

Frank is also currently a student at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). His interests and work lie in somatically based, humanistic forms of therapy, as well as the healing potentials of non-ordinary states of consciousness. He looks to specialize in supporting victims suffering from PTSD as well as other forms of developmental trauma.

His own personal practice consists of isolation tank floating, daily zazen meditation practice, holotropic breathwork and swimming with dolphins in the pacific ocean

To Know More: www.frankstressconsulting.com