Let go of your mind, and hold on to your yoga mat! James integrates asana, breath work and moving meditation into a flow that will help you take flight. He first experienced yoga in his grandmother's garden. As a child, he unwittingly continued this yoga education under the tutelage of a Tae Kwon Do instructor. Later on as a teenager, an illness brought him to holistic medicine, where he began to understand the mind-body connection, and the nature of dis-ease. As an adult, having healed an "un-healable" back injury on the yoga mat, James was inspired to share what he had learned, and an unexpected spiritual awakening kept him on this track. He trained in Baltimore, MD for years, was formally certified by the School of Yoga Institute in Guatemala, and has taught and experienced yoga wherever he goes. Yoga is co-creation and while he’s happy to instruct, he’s more interested in journeying with you. An avid festival chaser, his play mixes will have you wiggling your tailbone between poses. Inspiration abounds, so find the teacher within, and find the teacher in all beings. You may show up for one reason or another, and come back for an entirely different one. Bring a friend, bring a loved one, bring your Self, and let’s do this!