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Jeremy Galvin

Jeremy found Yin Yoga while enrolled in a Vinyasa training in 2005. After years of athletic injuries, Jeremy felt that the slow pace of Yin Yoga was good medicine for allowing his body to relax and open. The practice gave him insight into places in our bodies where we hold tension and blockage. Yin yoga gave him a way to make space for addressing these issues.


Since then, it has been Jeremy’s goal to help people with the daily practice of being more in the present moment. Our busy lives often interfere in being present, but in meditation and yoga, we can add mindfulness back into our day.  He is passionate about yin yoga because of its slow pace and gentle holding of poses, which invite our nervous system to pass from a heightened state to a relaxed state.  Of the many things that yoga can teach, bringing our breath and intention back to our body is very important.  Most of us live mentally and often physically active lives, and it is helpful to take time to restore energy and balance through a practice like yin yoga.


Jeremy has studied martial arts off and on since age 11. He received his 200hr Vinyasa training from Open Doors Yoga studio in Weymouth, MA. He studied Yin Yoga with Josh Summers in Boston, MA. In addition, he has over 15 years experience in massage and bodywork. Jeremy is currently studying the Hendrickson Method of massage and manual therapy with Thomas Hendrickson and Heavenly Essence Qigong with Dr. Liping Zhu, L.Ac.  He loves to work with all levels of students, especially those who are curious about yoga for the first time.