After a good massage, I feel relaxed, happier, more focused, and easeful in my body. I aim to provide these same results for my clients.

In 2009, I completed over 500 hours of massage and bodywork training at Esalen Institute in Big Sur. At Esalen, I studied Esalen massage, deep bodywork, table shiatsu and cranio-sacral therapy. These days, I continue my studies at the Esalen Institute, and at the San Francisco School of Massage, where I’ve trained in deep tissue massage and trigger point release.

I draw from all of my training and blend several modalities into any given session. My specialty is in integrating deep, specific work within the context of an Esalen-style massage. Esalen massage is akin to Swedish massage, and is characterized by flowing, nurturing, and deeply relaxing long-strokes.  

My massage practice is informed by more than 15 years of dedicated yoga study and practice, and by a love of movement in general. 

Styles: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot-Stone, Aromatherapy