The stresses of life, from exercise to work to our mental and emotional interactions, often manifest as tightness, tension, and misalignment of our anatomical and energetic forms that hinders our physical wellbeing.  Regular bodywork can relieve both acute and chronic issues and allow us to move through this world with grace and ease.

Since a young age, Joe has maintained a deep passion for bodywork and the healing arts.  As a former competitive swimmer, he learned early on that regular bodywork was a necessity to allow his body to maintain optimal functionality.  After working in finance and at a technology start-up, a chance encounter on a trip to Thailand led to a multi-year exploration of Yoga, Meditation and Thai Massage in India, Thailand, and Laos as well as certifications in Western Bodywork at the San Francisco School of Massage and the Harbin School of Healing Arts.  Joe is happy to share the teachings from these experiences with the Zazen community.

Joe approaches each session as a unique holistic exploration of what arrises on that day aware of localized muscular tension and discomfort and possibilities for the perhaps non-localized root cause.  A direct somewhat intense approach may be applied to release a contracted psoas muscle to relieve soreness in the lumbar spine while flowy strokes and the ambient sound of Tibetan singing bowls could be used to help a person achieve a meditative state to transcend more emotional issues.  Once freedom is created in the physical body, space exists for the opening of the subtle and energetic bodies to allow life force to flow freely and enable the body’s natural healing properties.

Styles: Deep Tissue, Myofacial Integration, Aroma, Swedish, Lomi Lomi, Thai