Yoga has been the balancing force in my life to bring me back to center. To ground and to connect. Yoga and ayurveda have helped me discover and accept and love who I am. To lead my life from my strengths, with clarity and purpose.

I was lucky to be introduced to yoga and mediation at 14. It was a time when I benefited deeply from the practice, and I have been a student ever since. I have always been curious in nature, and seeking deep and real experiences. That was part of what drew me to yoga in my small town in New Jersey with people two, three and four times my age. There was wisdom there. Something to trust. Something to learn from. That's an integral part of why I practice today.

I spent many years in my twenties in school, leading outdoor adventures for young adults, and then several years leading a full-out life! Living in New York city, leading a marketing team in food + wellness and competing in triathlons. And then my power through it, eager to change the world ambition started to wear thin. My drive and body crashed. It took me longer than I'd like to admit, but eventually I dropped the hammer and made some big leaps.

And as I had done many times before, I came back to yoga with a whole new question: what now? 

This question has inspired my journey as a teacher, a leader and a mentor. My deep questioning of what I was born to do is what lead me here. I believe yoga is about living awake, as our true selves. It's about inspiring belief, love, and community. It's about strong, balanced leadership. It's about supporting one another to be exactly who we are AND the best versions of ourselves, from a place of deep, deep love.