A graduate of the swedish institute of massage, Kieran draws upon his experience with the human body as a devoted practitioner of several styles of martial arts, yoga and meditation. Forever a humble student of the body, Kieran has studied traditional Ayurveda as well as Chinese medicine. Using a bachelors degree in theatre and philosophy, Kieran brings a colorful narrative in explaining the way our body's problems have their roots in our thoughts, action and lifestyle.

Observed as a child to possess hyper sensitivity, Kieran has honed his gift further through tai chi swimming dragon, reiki and Wing Chung sticky hands. Employing a variety of hand techniques, Kieran detects and gently releases adhesions in the body often too small or desensitized over time to be noticed. Recognizing the roots of the painful imbalances most commonly plaguing us, he is known for his remedy of both athletic strain and too much time working at a desk