Koren Kiener

Koren leads a Mindful flow class accompanied by threads of meditation.

As a former dancer, her yoga journey began with introduction through ballet. After experiencing the benefits that yoga provided on an all-encompassing level, she became inspired to share the practice within a teaching environment. Koren received her first 200-hr RYT from Yoga to the People, based in the Vinyasa style. She also obtained a 200-hr RYT from Zazen’s own Embodied Mind training with Jill Satterfield.

Eager to share her diverse knowledge, Koren holds a stimulating and compassionate space for others. Her intention is to provide students with the necessary tools to support their individual practice with enthusiasm and mindfulness. Koren strives to nurture creative growth by offering a broad range of poses and sequences, while also encouraging individuals to listen and respond to their own personal needs. Students are led towards safe alignment, cultivating greater awareness, and invited to explore various meditative themes.

Living in the midst of our fast-paced Bay Area culture, Koren is driven to help students pause, find grounding, and reconnect with their bodies. She firmly believes in the value that the present moment holds, and the worth of carving out space and time for inward reflection. Viewing yoga as a path towards personal transformation, empowerment, and acceptance, Koren firmly believe in the gift of yoga. Forever a student, Koren has practiced with and continues to be influenced by many leading teachers such as Jill Satterfield, Seane Corn, Max Strom, and Darren Main.