Lilli’s love of movement and dance lead her to the discovery of yoga nearly two decades ago. From there, she quickly developed an interest in meditation, eastern philosophy and Buddhist teachings.

 Over the years, many different modalities of working with the body/mind have informed her practice. She became a Certified Massage Therapist in 2002 and has been fortunate enough to study with many teachers in the field of somatics and the healing arts in the Bay Area since 1997.

 Lilli recently graduated from the Embodied Mind Teacher Training with Jill Satterfield in S.F. and is excited to be joining the community of teachers at Zazen.

 Though her path has included many different avenues of self-inquiry, she returns over and over to the basic practices of awareness of the breath and of the body as an entry point into deeper understanding, acceptance and compassion. She finds solace in seeing the journey as a process without end – knowing there is no end to the learning and growing we can do in our lifetime.