Zazen currently has about 500 members in our community.  Members at Zazen receive 40% off of all services.  Membership is $25 per month. Membership is frequently used to explore a range of services in order to create deeper relationships with health and well-being.

General membership is currently closed. We are accepting new members on a limited basis in certain circumstances, including the following cases:

  • Referral by current member
  • Low Income / Need based
  • Devotional commitment to using Zazen services, regularly, holistically
  • Non-profit / Helping Professionals committed to caring for our common world

  To apply for membership please apply via our online application below.  

Name *
Please indicate why you feel you would benefit from a membership at Zazen. We accept new applicants under four categories. 1) referral by current client, 2) Low Income/Need Based, 3) Devotional/Commitment to holistic use of Zazen services, and 4) Non-profit or helping professional. Please indicate which of these categories you're applying under.