Landra’s yoga and meditation journey began in 2004 when she found herself dealing with stress, anxiety and unprocessed emotions of grief and heartache. Having a background in dance she quickly connected to the movement and the flow of the asana practice. However, sitting still, going inward and being present with her breath was a foreign concept. Over time, her time on the mat taught her to slow down and connect with her breath and her physical body.  In the words of skilled national yoga teacher Kerri Kelly, “Her time on the mat revealed her and it healed her.” Her life perspective began to shift, she was able to take the tools and principles that yoga and meditation was teaching her into her daily life. Ten years later in 2014 Landra completed her 200 hour teacher training at Yoga Flow SF.  A desire for more formal training in meditation and mindfulness lead her to complete a 200 hour Embodied Mind teacher training with Jill Satterfield at Zazen in early 2017.

Landra is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with others.  She believes that creating a consistent practice can have a positive impact on our lives, by learning to live more in the present moment and being able to respond versus reacting to life’s more challenging moments. She believes that students embodying the practice of yoga, mindfulness and meditation positive change can radiate out into the world through student interactions with loved ones, friends, co-workers, community and the world at large. Her teaching style allows students to get grounded, press pause, and align with their true selves.  As a teacher Landra is supportive, compassionate and encourages students to approach their practice with an open mind.