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Sangha Sadhana 3 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

  • zazen 8150 Orr Springs Road Ukiah, CA, 95482 United States (map)

Sangha Sadhana

3 Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Thursday, Oct 12, 2017 3:00pm  until Monday, Oct 15, 2017 8:00pm

(Option to stay until Oct 16, 8:00am)

***Partial attendance is possible for those who have previously sat with us***

Zazen Retreat Center, Mendocino County, CA 8150 Orr Springs Road Ukiah, CA, 95482 United States 

Sangha (community) Sadhana (practice) is a 3 day, donation based, silent retreat for individuals with an established meditation practice wanting to practice deeply in a simple , beautiful, supportive environment at an affordable price. 

We welcome this retreat to any meditator who has a regular personal practice and have previously attended guided silent retreats. Those who have never sat a silent retreat are advised to look for a more appropriate retreat (i.e. Spirit Rock.)

Any practice of mindfulness, including sitting meditation is welcome, as long as every meditator is committed to create a supportive space for their self and everyone else’s practice. (Vipassana, Zen, Self Inquiry…)

To respect your fellow meditators and the container that is created, we ask everyone to arrive on Oct 12, so as to commence together. We ask that you commit to your full duration of the 3 days together. 

Surrendering all communication devices to the outside world, so as to fully support your process. Please take care of all necessary arrangements/communication before the course begins.

The Sangha Sadhana Retreat is inviting the community of meditators to create a container that allows and supports each meditators personal practice. The structure of the container includes: the practice of silence, the observance of the five precepts, the respect of the schedule and the sharing of two daily meals. 

The rhythm of this retreat, marked by the bell, will be an invitation to an intensive sitting practice of mindfulness. Every morning and evening for an hour, the practice space will be open for self guided mindful silent movement. The rest of the day, the practice hall will be exclusively for sitting practice.

The retreat is a community based self-retreat. Everyone is in invited to meet their own needs, to take breaks, to take outside walks, to journal and read some teachings on their own.

The retreat is located on a beautiful quiet ridge in Mendocino County. for pictures of the space and the rooms. The space is limited to 11 meditators. There will be single and shared rooms available. Rooms will be first come-first served basis. Beddings will be provided.

During our retreat together, a few of us will be preparing the meals. As it is practiced in many traditions, only Breakfast & Lunch will be served. It is believed to assist in deepening our meditation. Nevertheless participants are welcome to bring their own snacks if it feels more supportive to their personal practice. 

All food will be ovo-lacto-vegetarian with organic and local products as much as possible.  

As part of our practice there will be a few opportunities for service(Seva): Bell ringing, cooking, cleaning, land care...etc. We are collectively supporting each other and creating a supportive environment for our practice. 

This retreat is run purely on Dana (Donation) All of your Dana ($175 - $325) will be exclusively used towards food purchase, energy costs and to support the retreat center expenses. Everyone working at this retreat is doing so out of service to support and build our community. If you have the means and feel the call to give a higher Dana, your generosity will help the growth of this new born practice space.

All donations can be made with CASH or CHECK ONLY at the time of ARRIVAL..

Daveed and Jamuna will be participating and serving the course. They will always be available to help you with any of your material needs and any questions you may have.

A shuttle will be offered from San Francisco to the center and back. Carpooling is strongly encouraged.



Day 0 (Oct 12)

1 - 4pm Arrival

5 pm Light Meal

6-730 pm Opening circle

730-830 Sitting meditation

9 pm. Rest


Day 1- 2  (oct 13&14)

4:30 am Wake up Bell

5 – 7 am Sitting Meditation

7- 8 am Mindful Movement  (self-practice)

8 – 9 am Breakfast

10 - 11 am Sitting Meditation

11 – 12 pm Sitting Meditation

12 – 1 pm Lunch

1 – 3 pm Personal Time

3 – 4 pm Sitting Meditation

4 – 5 pm Sitting Meditation

5 – 6 pm Personal Time

(Herbal tea will be provided)

6 -7 pm Sitting Meditation

7 – 8 pm Mindful Movement (self-practice)

8 – 9 pm Sitting Meditation

9 pm Rest

Day 3  (oct 15)

4:30 am Wake up Bell

5 – 7 am Sitting Meditation

7- 8 am Mindful Movement (self-practice)

8 – 9 am Breakfast

9 - 10 am. Personal Time

10 - 11 am Sitting Meditation

11 - 12 pm Sitting Meditation

12 – 1 pm Lunch

2 - 3 pm. Sitting Meditation

(Metta Chant played following)


*Noble silence will give space to noble speech. The rest of the day will be an invitation of connecting, sharing and integrating. 

3 - 5 pm         Personal/Connection Time

5 - 630pm.      Optional Metta Sharing Circle

630 - 730 pm. Light Meal

***The retreats ends here, however those who wish to stay to practice and sleep one more night, are welcome***

730 - 830 pm. Sitting Meditation

9 pm               Rest


Day 4  

4:30 am Wake up Bell

5 – 7 am Sitting Meditation

7- 8 am Breakfast

8 - 9 am. Packing / Cleaning



*****For registration & Inquiries for this retreat please email Jamuna -->

****We ask for a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure your space. Please send by PayPal to  


The remainder of the donation is to be paid in Cash or Check at time of arrival.