Riena Kim, L.Ac., Dipl. OM

Riena is a California Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist.  She earned a Master’s of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine after completing a 4-year program at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco.  During this time, she completed extensive clinical training at the ACTCM Community Clinic and California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) Stroke Rehabilitation Center, where she treated patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injuries, and other neurological conditions.


Riena is known to have a gentle touch and a calm, compassionate presence with her patients.  With an extensive background in psychology, she specializes in treating emotional imbalances, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, as well as women’s health, pain management, and constitutional imbalances.  Currently, Riena volunteers at the Charlotte Maxwell Complimentary Clinic providing acupuncture, manual therapy, herbal medicine, and nutritional/lifestyle counseling to support women living with cancer. 


Riena also holds Master’s of Arts degrees in East-West Psychology and Asian Comparative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. She received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston University, with a focus on cross-cultural and social psychology.