Somatics at Zazen

"Somatics is a path, a methodology, a change theory, by which we can embody transformation, individually and collectively. Embodied transformation is foundational change that shows in our actions, ways of being, relating, and perceiving. It is transformation that sustains over time."

Zazen offers a wide variety of somatic practices to support your exploration of embodied transformation. 


Structural Integration

With Steve Kraft.

Structural Integration, often referred to as rolfing, works towards these goals by aligning and balancing the human body through a hands-on process of lengthening and reorganizing the fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds the muscles, determining the shape and structure of the entire body).  This process often relieves chronic pain and produces a body that is taller and more upright, with greater flexibility and ease of movement, and increased energy.


Somatic Psychotherapy

With Monique Haan.

Somatic Psychotherapies combine traditional approaches to counseling, including dream work, talk, interpretation, and reflection, with experiential explorations. The underlying insight in somatic psychotherapies is that we enact self-feeling, identity, and connection with others through bodily means. We reach out or pull away, are warm or cold to people, are emotional or restricted in our feelings.

Somatic psychotherapists are trained to help clients explore the bodily means by which they conduct their daily lives. Through the use of breath work; movement exercises; touch; and explorations of feeling, sensation, posture, gesture, and expression, clients experience how they shape particular identities and interact with others.


Somatic Movement Therapy

With Catherine Fox.

Somatic movement therapy is a treatment where observable and palpable habituated movement patterns are identified and addressed. After an in depth intake, and goals are specified, the client actively participates in the treatment process. The work is done mainly on the floor and the body is passively moved through anatomically balanced three-dimensional planes of movement. The practitioner feels where myofacial tissues are inhibiting the movement pattern and myofacial release is done creating more freedom of movement. Movement patterns are then taught to the client and practiced at home now armed with more information to re-habituate stuck patterns. Physical injures can recover, frustrations can be overcome, and unwanted emotional patterns can be broken while new goals and paths are created in life. The work is excellent for someone with congenital, chronic or acute pain. For extreme athletes wanting to take their sport to the next level, or someone who wants to begin a completely new activity in life but inhibited to take the leap. Come excited to create change.