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Yoga is the rhythm section of Stephanie’s theme song, keeping her grounded and on beat as the melody of life meanders, falters, and soars. A psychotherapist-in-training as well as a singer-songwriter, Stephanie is constantly working to peel away layers through study of the self and through her voice, and marvels at the yoga practice’s ability to shed light on the path to the authentic self. She aspires to make each of her classes a new journey, with breath awareness as a steady companion, and self-expression at the helm.

In 2008, Stephanie received her 200-hour certification from Laughing Lotus‘ Lotus College of Yoga led by founders Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn. She has also completed and continues to pursue continuing education credits, most recently through Janet Stone‘s Assisting Intensive and Judith Lasater‘s Experiential Anatomy training.