Float Testimonials

"Wow.  Floating.  In silence and darkness.   I emerged with an open, slow, spacious, peaceful, relaxed, reorganized physical and mental state.  I want to do it every day. I love this place.  The people are very present and responsive.   There is something very special and unique going on here. Many thanks."

"I've gone on a few floats now and so far, Zazen is probably my favorite float spot in SF (my other favorite is Float in Oakland). The float tanks here are larger than the others in the Bay Area- unlike the other tanks I've been in, I was able to spin around and lost all sense during my float. Each float tank and shower (immediately outside the tank) are cordoned off in its own area- more convenient than other places where you need to walk to a separate room to shower. The space is also by far the most zen of all the Bay Area float centers, as Zazen is also a meditation/massage/yoga space. Really nice skylights with filtered sunlight in the waiting area, live plants growing from the walls, and self-serve tea served in rustic clay tea cups."

"Enjoy! A beautiful out of body experience. Exceptionally peaceful facility & large floatation tank."

"I originally picked this place because their tanks were installed by Float Lab Technologies. And so far, I've only used their float tanks... but look forward to experiencing more of their services.  People are really friendly!  I couldn't be happier!  If you haven't tried floating/sensory deprivation, give it a try!  It's amazingly relaxing."

"I liked my float experience at Zazen.  The front desk people speak in a calm voice, and are attentive and Zen. The float tank is roomy and sturdy. It's great that they turn on the shower so that you get out of the float chamber immediately into the shower. There are many plants, wooden structures, and peaceful furniture."

"Great float. Water could be 1/2 degree warmer but still ok as is. Thanks zazen for this service. Try your arms over your head as well as at your sides. If you experience fear, think the thought "I am held."

"The floatation chambers are not to be missed: drift into place where your own physical boundaries disappear. External sound is nearly imperceptible. One cannot distinguish whether their eyes are opened or closed. The hyper-salinity of the water cradles your body at body temperature. My favorite feeling is the reverberating pulse of my own biorhythms lapping against my body.

Go. Join the Collective Conscious. Be at peace."

Float Ambassadors


Jane Chen, co-founder and CEO of Embrace

Floating is amazing because it really helps to put my mind at ease and bring me stillness, in a way that even meditation cannot at times. My deepest periods of being in a meditative state have been during my floats. I have found that during my most stressful moments, only floating helps to completely clear my mind and bring it to state of thinking about nothing, which is quite remarkable. I highly recommend it for anyone who has never done it, and has found that is has helped to deepen my meditation practice. For those new to meditation or who want to try it, floating is a great way to to know the desired state you want to achieve. Read more.

"I find when I do it more regularly, it helps relieve deep layers of stress I didn't even know were there.  I find more peace within. There's a deeper letting go and a feeling of surrender when I float that I do not get anywhere else." Read More

Blog Post 1/4/2017

Frank E., CIIS Graduate Student, Zazen Manager

Frank E., CIIS Graduate Student, Zazen Manager

"Over the year of floating and therapy I came to better know myself through exploring the conditioning, belief systems and "shoulds" I was handed down by older generations. Week after week I developed an awareness...read more

Brittany, President & Co-Founder of Ritual Hot Yoga 

Brittany, President & Co-Founder of Ritual Hot Yoga 

"It was right around this time that I noticed my mind softened and a sense of ease started to takeover my entire body. My mind didn’t feel so crazy and my body felt relaxed. “Is this what peace feels like?” I thought. I let go. I felt held. I felt calm. I felt connected. I felt like me. Oh how I had missed me. "...read more

Circadia, Bodyworker, Zazensf

Circadia, Bodyworker, Zazensf

I float once a week at Zazen. Since I started this practice, my chronic anxiety has significantly decreased. I feel calm and emotionally clear and balanced, which I expected. I also feel more solid and I stand stronger everyday, which I did not expect. 

Micha P., Director / Producer / Independent Film Maker, Teddy Bear Films

Micha P., Director / Producer / Independent Film Maker, Teddy Bear Films

"My flotation takes me somewhere else. Focusing on the physical aspect of no-sensation allows the frenzied list making in my mind to dissolve into a weave of relaxed daydreams. They are very vivid and my eyes remain open, staring into the vast darkness."  Read More