Structural Integration with Steve Kraft
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Structural Integration with Steve Kraft

Structural Integration Training in San Francisco

A full basic training in the art Structural Integration, as taught by Dr Ida P Rolf, will be offered in San Francisco in 2018. The training will begin in January, and finish in August. 

The class will take place in 2 four-day weekends each month, for 7 months, with a 4 day weekend follow up several months after the main part of the training.

Students will graduate ready to do basic 10 series Structural Integration sessions with clients, as well as post 10 work, beyond the 10 series.

The course will be limited to 10 students, with 2 instructors. Students will receive individual instruction, and opportunities to ask questions. Students will observe many sessions from both instructors, as well as from experienced practitioners who will come into the class do demos. This way, students will have the chance to see sessions done by different practitioners, with different styles, and different degrees of experience.

The students will perform the 10 session series with another student, and with 3 different models.

The course will include fascial anatomy, lectures, hands on learning, and ample discussion time. Other topics will be covered, such as finding the "Rolf line", body mechanics and maintaining one's structure, movement education, the practitioner/client relationship, business practices and ethics, and starting and maintaining a practice.

Continuing education and mentorship will be available after the basic training.

The total class time will be 64 8 hour days (15 four-day sections), for a total of 420 class time hours.

Prerequisites include anatomy, physiology, and massage training, and receiving a basic 10 series. The 10 series should be completed two months or more before the class begins.

The course will take place at Zazen, 2219 Filbert St, in San Francisco.

The projected starting date is the first week of January, 2018. This may be adjusted.

Cost: $15,000 paid in full prior to training, $1000 deposit to hold place.

Monthly payment plans available. For licensed bodyworkers, work trade is possible for up to full value of tuition. 

Feel free to inquire for more details.

Steve Kraft has been practicing Structural Integration for 22 years. He studied extensively with Dr Rolf's proteges, Peter Melchior and Emmett Hutchins, and taught classes with Peter Melchior at the Guild for Structural Integration.

Jane Smith first received the work in the early 70s, and has been practicing for over a decade. She has taught anatomy at the University level, and Structural Integration pre-requisite classes, with a specialization in anatomy.

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2016/17 Embodied Mind 200 Hour Teacher Training
to Feb 20

2016/17 Embodied Mind 200 Hour Teacher Training


Opening weekend: October 29 + 30, 2016
Retreat: November 1 – 6
November 12 + 13, 19 + 20
December 3 + 4, 17 + 18
January 7 + 8, 21 + 22, 2017
February 4 + 5
Closing Retreat: February 16 – 20


What is the Embodied Mind Teacher Training?

The Vajra Yoga + Meditation Embodied Mind training is not your typical yoga teacher training, nor is it your typical mindfulness training – it is an integration of mindfulness, meditation and embodiment practices: meditation and yoga, yoga therapy and compassion practices, self reflection and self regulation, kindness braided into a variety of empowering ‘in the body’ practices. Embodied Mind offers an integration of mind and body practices to facilitate being present, sane and clear minded, kind and socially engaged, grounded with the ability to make wise, compassionate choices for your own life, your work, the world.

During the course of the training, you will practice, examine, reflect, and have lively conversation about mindfulness of the body and mindful embodiment (yoga asana, yoga therapy, breath techniques) practices. This training creates a foundation for each individual to skillfully branch outwards — into the community and profession of their own choosing, reflecting the teachings in a personal and unique way which blossoms from direct experience and embodiment.

Limited to 16 people to ensure personal attention and development of community

Some components that comprise the training:

The skills and techniques to practice and facilitate an embodied mindfulness meditation practice Compassion and loving kindness practices The skills to lead a (very) slow flowing meditation in motion class Yoga therapy approaches for the body combined with mindfulness techniques to be with emotional and mental states Foundational Buddhist philosophy and psychology Contemplation, self – reflection and wisdom practices Visualizations as a vehicle for intentional change and healing Pranayama – the profound art and science of breath work Inner and outer alignment and anatomy as co-existing and mutually supportive Mindfulness – seated, standing, walking and lying down, from the Vipassana and Vajrayana Tibetan tradition Inner alignment – the subtle body or the mirror to the mind – and how it relates to the outer body Anatomy and alignment – practical, accessible information for safety and ease Self – care and kindness: how to maintain your practice and wellness while teaching and taking care of others How to design mindful yoga and meditation classes and /or integrate these practices into your psychotherapy sessions, coaching sessions, or into your life. Continuing into the world with community and mentoring support    

“Jill portrays practice as not being an isolated event that happens on a mat or zafu, but rather something that can continue into your day-to-day life.” ~ Ewan, 2015


Requirements for the Training:

To be eligible for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance-certified, Embodied Mind Teacher Training you must meet the following requirements:

5 years of a dedicated yoga practice, or a 200 hour teacher training or yoga therapy training from any school or tradition Experience with meditation and mindfulness with a strong intention to develop a regular practice The desire to be socially engaged – working in communities that are at risk and underserved meditation retreat experience highly recommended, and will receive first selection

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