Vedantin Ping Luo, Founder and Director of School Yoga Institute, Ed. D, E-RYT, Herbalist, Reiki/Shamanic Mythic, certified Vinyasa Ashtanga yoga teacher by BNS Iyengar and Sivananda certified yoga teacher.
Vedantin wears many hats in his dharmic life. In addition to being an experienced yoga teacher, who has been teaching yoga and training yoga teachers around the world for many, many years, he is also a certified integrative herbalist by School of Integrative Herbology, a master practitioner of Shamanic Reiki energy healing, and a university professor who teaches holistic health. Vedantin has studied extensively with a myriad of gurus from many traditions, including BNS Iyengar, Sri Patabhi Jois, Tim Miller, Berle Bender Birch, and David Swenson. Through years of experience, he has found that a true guru resides right in his heart.
Vedantin has also been studying Shamanic Healing for a long period of time and was fortunate enough to study Ancient medicine intensively with medicine men and women in the high Andes and the Amazon jungle in Peru and Bolivia. He has been blessed and initiated as an earth keeper and medicine shaman by the medicine elders and he continues to embark on the journey of healing as a medicine keeper of the earth.
Vedantin has been taking his journey and pilgrimage externally and internally into the synthesis of many mystical, healing, and yogic paths such as classic yogic, tantric yoga, Patanjili’s eight limb yoga, devotional yoga (Bakti Yoga), action yoga (Karma Yoga), and Yogic Living in Theory and Practice (Juana Yoga), and shamanic healing yoga. There are many paths but the essence of all the paths is One: to realize the SELF and to find a state of contentment, happiness, and bliss.
Born and raised in a Buddhist community, the sacred Emei Mountain, in China near Tibet, Vedantin learned Buddhist principles at an early age and integrated them into his lifestyle. Additionally meditation, Tai Chi, Chiqong, and Chinese Martial arts were of his upbringing. He began teaching these principles to others 20 years ago. When Vedantin was first introduced to Yoga, he found it incorporated all aspects of Buddhist principles. Practicing Yoga has been instrumental in his life realization. Vedantin believes that the state of love, life contentment, joy, peace, and bliss cannot be found in the ever changing world but can be found in inner stillness, the true Self. He shares yoga with others with his heart and his love of Yoga.
Vedantin integrates his pedagogical knowledge of modern techniques of teacher training with his knowledge of mythical teaching of Yoga, thereby blending “science” with the art of connecting and sharing. He integrates shamanic healing medicine into his daily self-healing practice and yoga teaching. He primarily practices and teaches Sadhana Vinyasa Yoga (Vinyasa Ashtanga based), Sadhana Hatha Yoga (Sivananda based), and Shamanic Healing Yoga (blending healing power of indigenous medicine wheel with joy of Yoga).
Vedantin is inspired to respond to his inner calling, to share the wisdom and power of Yoga and healing arts with others. He envisions the conception of the University of Healing Arts in the very near future to serve humanity and bridge the gap between “science” and “ancient tradition”. His dedication and love for Yoga and Healing Arts would benefit those who are pursuing stillness of mind and body and happiness and contentment in life.