Corporate Classes and Group Privates:

Wellness and mindfulness in the workplace are emerging themes in top Bay Area companies.  Not only does it reduce workplace stress and promote employee well being, it is a cost effective and innovative employee perk for those companies also seeking to reduce healthcare costs.   

Zazen offers Corporate and Group Privates for up to 20 people.  These are available for $100 at our studio or for $120 at an offsite location, such as your office.  Mats and props can be provided for an additional fee.  Classes can be arranged weekly, as part of a multi-week series or as a one time event.

Zazen will also offer all corporations and employees a free membership at Zazen which provides a 40% discounted rate for any service as part of an overall health and wellness plan.

All fees based on an hourly rate.

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Business Retreats

Is your business planning a retreat for your employees?  Let Zazen plan and organize your retreat!   Whether you are looking to retreat to the redwoods, the hotsprings, National Parks or the beach,  Zazen can help provide your business with an incredible retreat complete with healthy food, yoga, meditation, hiking, art and more.  Email us for more information on pricing and retreat options.