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Continuum Embodiment Explorations

Dynamic Stillness in Your Everyday Life

An Introductory evening of Continuum Embodiment Explorations with Ajaya Sommers

August 14, 2016 4-6pm

Continuum movement is a powerful way to transmute the raw and un-metabolized material of our human evolution. This practice is a self- healing, oxytocin replenishing, cell-renewing, ever fresh and inspired embodiment practice. Utilizing conscious breath, sound vibration, intimate contact, subtle intrinsic movement as well as meditative awareness in the subtle core of the body (the central channel or midline). In this introductory afternoon we will explore these precise embodiment practices that take us directly into the lush inner terrain where stillness dances as the motion of life…

Ajaya Sommers is a gifted healer, teacher and creative catalyst in the field of embodied awakening. For the last 25 years, she has been instrumental in facilitating conscious evolution in hundreds of people's lives. All of her programs are grounded in science, expanded through devotional practice and made real through direct experience.

Within a field of unconditionally loving presence, Ajaya facilitates and transmits a unique discovery process, called, Core Embodiment, an integrated system of embodiment practices, principles and perceptual orientations to awaken and align with the power of our human potential. She is a certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Integration Teacher as well as an Authorized Continuum Teacher.

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