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Resolve and Evolve: A New Years Workshop

Join Koren Kiener for a yoga and meditation-based workshop as we are called to begin again into a New Year. This event aims to open awareness to your heart’s desire, renew your mind, body, and spirit, as well as help you to cultivate mindful intentions to apply to everyday living.

This workshop will be mainly centered on the tradition of Sankalpa, as well as law of attraction practices and theories. Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that focuses on resolve, aligning with our heart’s desire, and discovering our ultimate truth, Dharma. While Westernized New Year’s resolutions usually encourage us to deny or change some aspect of ourselves/lifestyles, the Sankalpa premise begins with the notion that we are already complete. Essentially, Sankalpa asks us to live the life that brings us joy and to embrace and channel our inner divine truth. Much of the emphasis within Sankalpa is similar to law of attraction practices. Rather than committing our attention to what we don’t want in our lives, the law of attraction emphasizes that we dedicate our awareness to what we wish to manifest. Through this practice, our mind and energy naturally evolve towards positive thinking, authentic intention, and fulfillment.

Koren will guide this workshop using threads of opening and closing meditations in addition to asana work with primary focus on twists, heart openers, strengthening sequences, balances, and restorative poses. Concluding with journaling and reflection activities for deeper introspection, this opportunity will allow you to actively engage with purposeful intentions.

This is an all-levels two-hour workshop that will guarantee a mindfully conscious and inspired beginning to the New Year!


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