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Moving Towards Stillness and Silence, A Yoga and Meditation Workshop

Saturday, November 4th, 3:30-5:30pm

Yoga is traditionally defined as "the stilling of the fluctuations of consciousness." In other words, this means becoming aware our usual "monkey mind" and learning to rest and be in our natural "true mind," or "true self." No small thing -- simple but not easy.

The physical practice of asanas (yoga postures) are used as a means to purify, create energetic balance and prepare the body and mind for meditation. In meditation, the body and mind and are "gathered" as one begins a journey within, to know know and experience the Self. This kind of self knowledge empowers one to discern what cause suffering and discontentment, are what causes happiness and peace. Through this kind of self knowledge, one is is the position to make real choices.

In this two hour workshop, we will explore a well balanced sequence of yoga asana followed by seated meditation practice with the intention of cultivating stillness and balance in body and mind. Through these practices, we fertilize the ground for insight, wisdom and compassion to grow.

It is said by many masters that meditation cannot be taught, it can only be pointed to and experienced. My hope is that everyone can taste for themselves the power of these practices.

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$40 Non Members

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