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Winter Yin Yoga workshop: Kidney Chi Balance

The stillness and darkness of the winter season is calling us to slow down and turn towards inner reflection. However, our busy lives often keep us moving forward, extending our energy outward, and 'doing' more. As a result, our Kidney channel compensates and becomes depleted. Kidney chi is essential for our overall wellbeing. It is the storehouse of our vitality, supports our immune system, and holds the vital foundation of balance for the whole body. When our Kidney chi is depleted, we experience stress, fatigue, colds/flus and low-back pain, and emotions of fear and loneliness. When our Kidney chi is balanced, we are able to access our innate wisdom and the ability to trust in the unknown.

In this workshop, we will support balanced Kidney chi through a deeply nourishing yin yoga practice. We will also incorporate self-healing touch (Jin Shin Jyutsu), to support the release of energetic blockages in the Kidney channel. This extended practice will allow us time to slow down, nourish ourselves and attune to the more subtle energies in our body.

Yin yoga is a deep, passive, meditative practice that removes blockages and congestion in our connective tissues (our ligaments, fascia, joints). Poses are held for several minutes to gently stretch, moisten and rehabilitate the connective tissues. In Yin yoga, we are also stimulating the meridian channels of the body, rivers of energy (chi) that run through these tissues. By nourishing these organ channels the chi is able to flow more fluidly. Strong flowing chi supports the physical organs in the body as well as harmonizing our emotional body, resulting in a more balanced state of being.

$35 Members, $40 Non Members