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Wellness Workshop

Join us for an afternoon of exploration as we help you discover nourishment from the inside out. Zazen's wellness team will offer you ways to find support in your current circumstance, along with accessible tools for inviting more peace into your life. Through movement, conversation and practice, we will offer new ways you can create ease this winter season.

From yogic wisdom, meditative practices and modern psychology, this is an opportunity to rewire your brain and rediscover peace and inner wisdom. We are here to inspire your wellness journey: Unwind stress, reconnect to your heart, and prepare for a mindful holiday season.

We will end our day with a healthy snack as an opportunity to share and connect with one another.

Topics Covered
-Supportive movements, breathing techniques and postures to invite relaxation and ease.
-Conversation around the mind/body connection in relation to stress, triggers and emotional regulation.
-Exploration of mindful practices you can invite in to support feeling more balanced.
-Interactive partner work around mindfully tracking how you organize your experience of the world and its impact on your body/heart/mind.

Workshop Hosts
Allie Klun
Allie is a Business and Wellness Coach & Consultant who works with her clients to illuminate areas of their life or work that are holding them back. She helps them create sustainable solutions to break through the barriers and achieve the success and happiness they know they are capable of.

Emily Posselius
Emily is a yoga instructor, life coach, and forever student of living yoga. As a life coach, Emily aims to weave “living yoga” from the mat and into daily life. She is deeply passionate about helping her clients to come home to their true self and design a life of alignment and empowerment.

Frank Ehrenfried
Frank is a Stress Consultant, currently working at the junction between mind and body. His practice is focused on helping people grow their awareness of how burn out, overwhelm and stress play a role in their lives. Frank is also currently training to become a somatically-oriented psychotherapist and strongly believes in the power of experiential rewiring of our bodies and brains to access more peace as a baseline state.

Zazen Yoga Studio

$35 Members
$40 Non-Members